Expert Tips For Driving Down Car Insurance Quotes

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Have you received lots of high quotes for car insurance during the last couple of weeks? Would you like to reduce the price of premiums to get on the road legally and cheaply? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our expert tips are designed to help every reader get the best deal possible from insurance companies. By following the ideas listed below, you could knock hundreds of dollars of the quote you receive. No matter which model you drive or where you live in the world, the same basic rules will apply. So, pay attention, and we might just help you to keep more of your hard-earned wages in the bank. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?



Get quotes from multiple insurers

Two of the most common questions we’re asked by our readers on a tight budget are how can I save money on premiums? And where can I get car insurance? We’ll spend time answering the first one in a moment, but let’s focus on the latter for a second. There are currently many price comparison websites online that link to the best insurers. You should aim to get quotes from the top five companies featured on the site at the very least. That will allow you to work out which brand is offering the best deals. You can also use the quotes you receive from one insurer to drive down the quote you get from another.

Store your vehicle in a garage

You will have to answer lots of different questions before obtaining your quotes. The way in which you answer those questions will determine how much the insurance company want to keep your car on the road. The location in which you store the vehicle overnight plays a big role in their offer. Those who keep their car on a driveway or street will get higher quotes than those who keep it in a garage. So, maybe it’s time you cleared all that clutter and made some space for your automobile?

Fit an alarm to the vehicle

Cars that have alarms fitted are more difficult to steal. Insurers know that, and so they often reduce their quotes when they know an alarm system is in place. Just make sure you keep a spare key somewhere safe. The last thing you want is to set the alarm off outside your home if you find yourself locked out. To get the lowest quotes, it’s wise to fit an alarm that comes attached to an immobilizer. Insurance companies know it is almost impossible for criminals to steal a car of that nature without the use of a low loader or transporter. The chances of them driving one of those down your street are very slim.

Now you know a little more about getting low car insurance quotes, we hope you won’t break the bank when the time comes to renew. There are a few other steps you can take on top of everything else. Limiting your yearly mileage will encourage lower offers, and so will driving only in the daytime. If you want to learn more, contact the insurers by telephone instead of using online services. Good luck!


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