• Hot Car Problems – Dealing With Coolant Problems
    Hot Car Problems – Dealing With Coolant Problems
    An overheating car is one thing you should never ignore. If your car’s cooling system has sprung a coolant leak, you should tend to the problem immediately.
  • Classic Cars and Vintage Cars – What’s the Difference?
    Classic Cars and Vintage Cars – What’s the Difference?
    Only when one goes into the history of the motor car or automobile, as some prefer, do you get a sense of the interest and knowledge that propelled this industry along.

Got A Speeding Ticket? Here’s Your 3-Step Recovery Guide

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Image Credit Speeding tickets are more common than hot dinners, but a lot of people don’t know what steps to take when they receive one. That totals around 112,000 confused Americans every single day, to be extremely precise. It’s actually a rather simple process, but is perceived as complex. At a basic level, you have two options. Accept the ticket and pay up, or fight it so it doesn’t go on your record. If you choose to pay, it’ll be an unsightly mark on your driving history. If you choose to fight, you may get nowhere, but at least you tried. Below, you’ll find three simple steps which can help you in the event you receive a

Will Cars Eventually Move Over To A Pay-As-You-Go System?

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Are Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed an emerging trend in car use. Cars are going online. They’re not online yet in the sense that they’re all communicating with each other or even with the internet. But the services that they offer are going online. Uber, for example, is having a stab at overthrowing the stagnant taxi industry. And this is creating large political and social ripple effects that are being felt around the world. In fact, the impact is so great, that some politicians have been forced to act, banning Uber, or at least trying to restrict its use. en.wikipedia.org But the

Things You Should Never Do When You Drive

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(pixabay: https://goo.gl/gB8d9M) Regular readers will remember we wrote a post on how to become a better driver not long ago. Well, as a follow-up to that piece, I thought I’d talk about certain things that you should never do while you drive. You can find my list of things down below: Text/Use Your Phone If you’re driving a car, then you shouldn’t text at the same time. Being on your phone is dangerous, as it distracts you massively. You’re taking your eyes off the road, and that’s all it takes for you to cause an accident. These days, a lot of people aren’t caught texting and driving, but they are caught using their

Looking For The Best Big Family Car? We’ve Found It!

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Are you looking for the next great family car? We’ve found it. But before we reveal what it is, let’s think about what you want from a car for your family. You want it to be spacious with plenty of room for the kids, the shopping, maybe the dog. You need it to be safe with excellent test scores in all the key areas. Then there’s the style. Okay, maybe you don’t care about style but you should. Don’t forget that family car is probably also going to be used to try and impress important business clients. It’s not just for the school run. So are you ready to find out what car fits all these categories and more? Wait for it…

Guaranteed Ways To Become A Better Driver

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Image Credit A lot of us would consider ourselves as the top 1-2% of drivers on the road. But, the cold, hard facts are that most of us are just as unsafe as other road users – if not more. However, there are some simple ways to improve your driving skills, and ensure your safety on the road for many years to come. |Let’s take a look at some of your options. Go back to school You pass your test, and that’s it – you are on the roads for life. Or, at least, until you have a crash and lose your licence. The trouble is, as soon as we are away from the watchful gaze of an instructor and assessor, we start slipping into bad

Why Are Audi Cars So Popular?

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Link to file Audi has become one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world in recent years. But, not so long ago, it was a model that struggled to compete with the big guns like BMW and Mercedes. Their rise to popularity is meteoric, but why? How has Audi achieved something that few car makers can and created a lane in the industry? To answer that question, you have to take a look at the Audi features that make them so desirable. There is no doubt that they provide a great service to their customers, and it is one that most people can’t afford to miss. These are the reasons why Audis are popular. #1: The Price What Audi has

Can’t Afford Another Hefty Bill? Here’s How To Save Money When Your Car Needs Repairing

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Not all of us are blessed with piles of cash, and so when a car repair is the latest bill we have to fork out for, we can’t help but groan – loudly. However, repairing you car needn’t have to be as stressful and as money guzzling as you first thought. There are ways to save money when your vehicle is destined for the garage, and here’s how. Check it out! ‘Pic Source’ Shop Around If your car is still driveable, then you’re in luck, you’ll be able to take it to multiple garages and find the best quote available to you. This is sure to reduce the cost of your car repairs. By going round to a whole host of garages,